Dartmouth Coursebooks

  Still North stocks a limited number of select coursebooks for Dartmouth College classes. For Spring 2022, we will have coursebooks for the following classes on hand. Please click on the course title below for a full list of available texts or to purchase books for in-store pickup.


ENGL 3: Literary History III
Prof. Zeiger
ENGL 28: Making Americans
Prof. Boggs
ENGL 61.03: Early Modern Literature/History of Sexuality
Prof. Ritger
ENGL 63.10: Contemporary Science Fiction
Prof. Clark
ENGL 63.12: Labors of Love
Prof. Sawada
ENGL 65.01: Walking
Prof. Edmondson
ENGL 71.14: Knights, Camelot, Action!
Prof. Edmondson
ENGL 75.03: Beyond the Prison
Prof. Ritger
FILM 42.20: The Berlin School
Prof. Gemunden
HIST 3.03: Europe in the Age of Violence
Prof. Greenberg
MALS 239: Poetry
Prof. Mosteirin
REL 19.32: Shinto: Festivals & Foxes
Prof. Simpson
WGSS 16: Contemporary Issues in Feminism
Prof. Sawada
WRIT 7.36: Mad Women
Prof. Clark


Looking for a different course?

  • We can source most trade and academic books! Turnaround time varies between 2 days and several weeks. Books may be ordered online and are best searched on our site by entering the 13-digit ISBN into our search bar.
  • We are also happy to offer pricing for textbooks, though in this case, our price usually can't compete with used or rented textbooks.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot source out-of-print titles. We encourage you to visit Hanover's used bookstore, Left Bank Books, for harder-to-find titles.
  • Please email hello at stillnorthbooks dot com with pricing and turnaround inquiries.

Are textbooks a dying breed?

Good question! To be honest, as a trade bookstore, we don't feel equipped to weigh in fully... but we have seen that that there's a subset of students who want both to read physical books and to support a Hanover business in the process (thank you, students!).

Usually, the most sought after coursebooks fall under the category of trade or academic titles. So while textbooks may be suffering, there is still demand for coursebooks. Because our space would not allow for us to stock every single trade or academic title, we focus on course in the English department as well as across the humanities.

If you are a professor looking for more information about making your coursebooks available at Still North, or a student interested in sharing information with a professor, please visit our Coursebook Information page.