Dartmouth Coursebooks

Still North stocks a limited number of select coursebooks for Dartmouth College Classes. The pages below link to book lists from participating professors. 

If your course is not listed, we may still be able to track down your coursebooks. If you know the ISBN(s) of the books you're looking for, go ahead and paste them in the search bar above to check availability and/or add books to your cart. Ordering coursebooks ahead of time is encouraged, but we usually have plenty of copies available on the first day of classes.

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AAAS 35.02: Disability and Madness in African American Literature in Film
Prof. Middleton
ANTH 14: Anthropology of Death and Dying
Prof. Kan
ANTH 50.56: Anthropology of Food
Prof. Boke
CLST 2/THEA 12: The Tragedy and Comedy of Greece and Rome
Prof. Foxley
EDUC 27/SOCY 24: The Impact of Poverty on Education
Prof. Tine
ENGL 55.01/WGSS 47.03: Modern American Women Poets
Prof. Zeiger
ENGL 61.03/WGSS 62.02: Early Modern Literature and the History of Sexuality
Prof. Ritger
ENGL 62: The Horrors of Survival: American Literatures of Modernity
Prof. Godley
ENGL 63.30: Trans Gender Literatures
Prof. Goldberg
ENGL 65.01: Walking
Prof. Edmonson
ENGL 71.03: Shakespeare: Late Plays and Problem Plays
Prof. Ritger
ENGL 74.02: Understanding Biopolitics
Prof. Edmonson
ENGL 74.12: Garden Politics
Prof. Zeiger
FRIT 37.04/COLT 39.03: European Fairy Tales
Prof. Canepa
GEOG 30.02: Geographies of Displacement
Prof. Lam
GOVT 40.31/COCO 39: Red Terror: History and Culture of the Stalin Labor Camps
Prof. Kan
PBPL 41: Writing & Speaking Public Policy
Prof. Kalish
PHIL 26/COGS 26: Philosophy and Computers
Prof. Nelson
REL 1.11: Sisters, Sages, Seekers: Women & Religion
Prof. Swenson
WGSS 7.01: He, She, or It: Reconstructing Gender in Science Fiction
Prof. Moody
WRIT 7.30: The Female Detective
Prof. Lannon
WRIT 7.36: Mad Women
Prof. Clark
WRIT 7.39: Reading and Writing True Crime
Prof. Lewis
MALS 239: Poetry Workshop
Prof. Mosteirin