Dartmouth Coursebooks

Still North stocks a limited number of select coursebooks for Dartmouth College Classes. The pages below link to book lists from participating professors. 

If your course is not listed, we may still be able to track down your coursebooks. If you know the ISBN(s) of the books you're looking for, go ahead and paste them in the search bar above to check availability and/or add books to your cart. Ordering coursebooks ahead of time is encouraged, but we usually have plenty of copies available on the first day of classes.

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ANTH 9: Language and Culture
Prof. Billings
ANTH 31: Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective
Prof. Billings
CLST 10.03: Mind, Heart, Brain
Prof. Graver
CRWT 10: Writing and Reading Fiction
Prof. Crouch
CRWT 20: Intermediate Fiction
Prof. Chee
ENGL 1: Literary History I
Prof. Beckman
ENGL 15: Shakespeare
Prof. Ritger
ENGL 24: Victorian Literature and Culture
Prof. Dever
ENGL 38: American and British Poetry
Prof. Huntington
ENGL 54.13: Digital Game Studies
Prof. Evens
ENGL 62.03: Nineteenth-Century British Women Writers
Prof. Dever
ENGL 72.02: Decadence, Degeneration and the Fin de Siecle
Prof. McCann
FILM 40: Theories and Methodologies of Film and Media Studies
Prof. Young
GOVT 6: Political Ideas
Prof. Murphy
HIST 4.03: Introduction to the Modern Middle East and North Africa
Prof. Nikpour
HIST 14: The Invasion of America
Prof. Calloway
HIST 96.33: Global History of Human Rights
Prof. Nikpour
HUM 1: Dialogues with the Classics
Prof. Boggs
PHIL 1.17: Race and Modernity
Prof. Thomas
SOCY 35: Sociology of Mental Health
Prof. Houle
SOCY 54: Chasing the (Causal) Dragon
Prof. Houle
WGSS 66.18: Hybrid Literatures, Hybrid Selves
Prof. Vallarta
WRIT 2: Composition and Research I
Prof. O'Connor
WRIT 5.03: Humor and Art
Prof. Olzmann
WRIT 5.04: Ethics and Politics in the Bible
Prof. Murphy
WRIT 5.19/5.20: Image and Text
Prof. Clark