Coursebook Information

Still North has begun to sell coursebooks for select classes! If you are a student looking to purchase coursebooks, you can view our course collections here, or call or email to check availability.

If you are a professor looking to make coursebooks available for your classes, please fill out the Coursebook Request Form. Please submit your requests for Spring 2023 courses by Friday, March 3 at 5pm.

Coursebook FAQs

What courses does Still North provide books for?
So far, we have focused on stocking coursebooks for English and Creative Writing classes, with the occasional Comp Lit, Religion, or History course thrown in. We have recently expanded our team and added some office space, which should allow us to accommodate more requests. If you are a professor who would like to make books for your course available at Still North, go ahead and fill out the form linked above. Note: we do not offer textbooks in-store except for those published by W.W. Norton.

Trade, academic, textbook, coursebook, what's the difference?
For our sake, coursebooks are any books used in a class. Coursebooks could be trade books (such as a Penguin Classic edition of Jane Eyre, a recently released contemporary novel, or an exploration of an academic topic in a way that is approachable for general audiences); academic books (books published for an academic audience); or textbooks (large anthologies or reference volumes). Still North only stocks trade books and academic books in-store, but you can search on our website for textbooks if you'd like to. Be forewarned, we often have to charge a bit of a markup on textbooks because we do not get discounted pricing on textbooks. For that reason, most students choose to rent or buy through a textbook website—or use an ebook. 

A course I'm taking isn't listed. Can I still purchase my book(s) through Still North?
If the book is a trade or academic title, the answer is usually yes! To check availability, paste the ISBN in the search bar above. If you have questions, get in touch. Books currently in-stock are marked "On Our Shelves Now." If we don't have it in stock, we can typically get books in 3-7 business days (though turnaround times can vary between 2 days and several weeks).

Do I have to order coursebooks ahead of time?
No, but we strongly encourage you to do so. Ordering ahead helps us gauge how many copies to bring in, but we should have plenty on hand if you come early in the term. And we can usually get more!

I need a more exact idea of when a book will arrive. Can you help?
We're happy to give you a more specific idea, but we can't ever 100% guarantee that a book will arrive on time due to variables outside our control. Fortunately, that's usually not the case! Email with turnaround inquiries.

Aren't textbooks a dying breed?
Good question! To be honest, as a trade bookstore, we don't feel equipped to weigh in fully... but we have seen that that there's a subset of students who want both to read physical books and to support a Hanover business in the process (thank you!).

Usually, the most sought after coursebooks fall under the category of trade or academic titles. So while textbooks may be suffering, there is still demand for coursebooks. Because our space would not allow for us to stock every single trade or academic title, we focus on course in the English department as well as across the humanities.

I'm a professor. Can you tell me a bit more about how the process works?
Once you fill out the coursebook request form, we will take a look at each book you request and add it to an order. If we are unable to source any of the books, we will let you know and suggest an alternate when possible. Before the start of term, we will send you a landing page to share with students looking to check pricing or order ahead. Because we recognize that not all students want physical copies of their books—and that many students have ingrained buying habits with online retailers—we bring in fewer coursebooks than the number of students enrolled. We ask that you spread the word to your students and encourage them to shop local!

Are there any books you can't get?
Unfortunately, yes. We do our best to track books down, but we typically cannot source books that are from non-U.S. publisher, out of stock at the publisher, out of print, or an independently published common domain title. We will let you know if this is the case and suggest an alternate edition when possible.

Do you offer financial assistance for students looking to purchase coursebooks?
Not at the moment, but we are exploring ways to make this possible.